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Preschool: Baking and the Letter Y

Friday night is homemade-pizza-and-a-movie night at our house and we look forward to it every week.  When the letter Y rolled around I thought it appropriate to do Y for yeast and throw in some other baking elements.   Sometimes it seems I spend most of the time in the kitchen, and since I often have the kiddos help me they’re no… Continue reading Preschool: Baking and the Letter Y

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Preschool: the second week, unplugged

Sunday morning we lost power – thanks to Hurricane Irene. Since we have well-water, our faucets were dry too. What a way to kick off the second week of preschool! Thank goodness I prepare my lessons the previous week, otherwise I would have been floundering. Well, as much as one can flounder when teaching a… Continue reading Preschool: the second week, unplugged

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Muffin Tin Meals & More

I love using the kiddos’ divided plates for mealtimes, making sure I find something to fill each spot.  Whenever I leave one “blank,” Gwen has to point out that it’s empty.  Sorry, some days I’m more creative than others!  I got this nifty idea from Counting Coconuts to make muffin tin meals.  It’s amazing how the… Continue reading Muffin Tin Meals & More