Preschool: Z is for Zebra

I can't believe it... we've finally reached the end of the alphabet!  When you're singing the alphabet song it doesn't seem that long, but when you're teaching one letter a week - with review weeks every now and then - it takes forever.Granted, in comparison to a traditional school schedule, we've finished early.  But we're not … Continue reading Preschool: Z is for Zebra


Preschool: W is for Water (the four elements)

Since Daddy was away for a whole week recently, I decided to take it easy and postpone the letter W.  I thought he would be able to help with the fire element - being a fireman and all - but he ended up being busy the whole week he was back anyway.Bible The Bible story … Continue reading Preschool: W is for Water (the four elements)


When we lost power during the hurricane last week, one of the books I started thumbing through was on old copy of Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk that my mother had bequeathed to me. I'm already familiar with the concepts author David Elkind writes about, but began to feel somewhat uneasy as I read his words... All across the country, … Continue reading Miseducation