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Refashion: sweater into pleated tank top

Inspired by my last refashion I decided to revisit my mending pile.  A while back I got this pretty, open-weave sweater at a consignment store and have gotten a lot of use out of it.  Little by little, however, I noticed some snags and holes in various places and I threw it aside, full of good intention to fix it within a reasonable amount of time.  And there it sat.

I finally decided to seize the day and eliminate my mending pile!  icandy handmade has this neat little sweater-into-cardigan refashion (also on an open-weave sweater), and I set out to do the sleeves in the same fashion in order to save the pretty ruffled cuffs that match the hem at the waist.  Well, I didn’t take into account the fact that the cuffs are rather fitted at the wrists and ended up being a wee bit too snug on my upper arms. *sigh*  So… I cut off the whole sleeve, leaving a bit of raw edge to turn under and hem at the armholes.

With the sleeves, I cut them open and laid them flat, cutting them into little strips.  Then I put them right sides together at the short ends and sewed all the little pieces into one long piece, after which I folded it in half lengthwise and sewed down the entire length of it, creating a tube.  After turning it inside out, I made little ruffle pleats all along the front neckline and a bit down the front.  I overlapped the edge of the current neckline, sewed at the edge and – voila! – a cute little tank top! 


I love how it turned out.  I showed Phil and he said I’m getting really good at this – awwww!  tatertots & jello has another sweater refashion using a scarf and some trim that I’d love to try.  I actually don’t have very many sweaters so I may have to go thrifting.  Have you jumped about the refashion/repurpose bandwagon?  I’d love to see what you’ve created! 


Refashion: long-sleeved t-shirt into ruffled tank top

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a sewing project.  I have little stacks of fabric around the house and I’ve been itching to create something with them – especially since I got my new rotary cutting set for Mother’s Day – but I keep putting it off because it doesn’t always jive with my schedule.  Either the kiddos want to “help” or I know I won’t be able to finish it during their naptime and the unfinished project will just sit out, taunting me.

Lately I’ve noticed that many of my clothes have been getting worn – all my jeans are tearing at the knees and pocket seams and many of my shirts are getting little holes on them. *sigh*  I’ve mended some of them but there’s only so much you can do.  Not only do I hate clothes shopping, I don’t feel like spending the money.  The other day I noticed another shirt in my wardrobe was getting little holes all along the arms seams, so I put it aside, planning on turning it into underwear or something. 

You know how you can get on all sorts of browsing tangents online?  I saw Chic Envelopment’s cute t-shirt refashion which got me looking around for more.  Well, I started getting inspired by the myriad t-shirt refashions and – despite the late hour – stayed up and took a pair of scissors to my shirt.  It was already fitted so I didn’t need to mess with the side seams.  I cut off the arms, cut them open and laid them flat, then cut 2″ pieces.  I sewed all the pieces together to create one long piece then did a long basting stitch to gather it.  Since it was so long I worked in sections, gathering as I went along and pinning it just below the existing neckline.  I started in the middle of the front, worked around the neckline and finished just below in the middle of the chest  Then I went back and sewed it on right over the basting line.   


I love it!  Since it’s a bit chilly today I paired it with a sweater and tried it with a blue jacket – perfect for layering! 


I may try something similar on a pile of t-shirts I have specifically for re-purposing.  It’s a very versatile project, depending on how much you gather the ruffles and where you put them.

Some of the other refashions on my to-do list:
another t-shirt into tank top
a climbing cowlneck
a hooded tunic, if I can piece together enough material
maybe pair jersey with some new fabric for a scrappy skirt
a new-sew draped vest
little girl ruffle skirt
girls’ ruffled dress

and maybe somewhere down the line…
a rockin’ baby gown and some cloth diapers

It’s exciting being able to breathe new life into old garments, knowing I’m creating something with my own hands.