Did you ever get one of those "Aha!" moments, almost like a light bulb suddenly went off... but you haven't quite fit the pieces together?  Almost like... something is on the tip of your tongue, in the forefront of your mind, but you haven't quite put your finger on it?  Like... when you recognize an … Continue reading Shaken


This Isn’t Me

Ask anyone who knows me what kind of person they think I am.  Chances are, they'll use adjectives such as nice, kind, friendly, thoughtful, sensitive, perhaps quiet, shy or interoverted.  Maybe good listener will make the charts - I've always thought so myself. *grin* What about ANGRY?  MAD?  IRRITABLE?  EMOTIONAL?  (pause)  Yeah, okay, maybe that last … Continue reading This Isn’t Me


I went to the dollar store after work today, and of course couldn't resist buying something sugar-y. I settled for a box of Snow Puffs, which are a pretty yummy toned-down version of Snowballs - they're "fudge cookies with marshmallow and coconut," and they're not too big and don't contain an excessive amount of calories. … Continue reading irony