Moms are Mighty

As a mother, I often get bogged down in the day-to-day stuff.  Most days I feel very alone - wondering how can I wash the same clothes over and over, how can I clean up the same messes that I've told my children not to make, how will I survive the day when it's only ten … Continue reading Moms are Mighty


Sewing for Mother’s Day

While flipping through some sewing books from the library I got some ideas for Mother's Day gifts.  I was excited to get a headstart on these and wanted to make sure I wasn't overestimating my abilities with the sewing machine. My mother-in-law is a very practical gal.  She hangs her clothes out on the line … Continue reading Sewing for Mother’s Day

Three Months!

I'm officially three months pregnant this week! Tuesday, to be exact. I was somewhat disappointed, though, when I found out I won't technically be into the 2nd trimester until week 14, when Baby is 12 weeks. *sigh* I'm not really in a rush, but I'm anxious to be out of the "Danger Zone," as I've … Continue reading Three Months!