Chore Chart for Kiddos

For a while now I've been wanting to make some sort of chore chart for Gwen.  I figure having the visual helps reinforce the things I ask of or expect from her on a daily basis, as well as motivate her to complete tasks.  While searching for homeschool resources, I did come upon various printable charts - … Continue reading Chore Chart for Kiddos


The Garden Experiment

In the past Phil and I have done a tiny garden, tomatoes in a pot, container herbs... but this year is the Garden Experiment.  We decided to build three raised beds with a variety of vegetables (mostly from seed) and see how they fare.      The kids quickly decided this was their new playground/sandbox.  … Continue reading The Garden Experiment


I have never thought of myself as materialistic, but then I see how much stuff we accumulate.  Just thumbing through magazines, I pine for all the lovely things I could buy if we had the money.  If we had the money.  Why can't I just be content, rather than looking at that greener grass next door?  And … Continue reading Simplifying

Spring Is In The Air

*inhale deeply*  It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside, and I find myself in a tank top as I do a bit of spring cleaning around the house. No more pile of Christmas decorations in the loft! The kiddos are with Meme today, so it's quiet around here and I've actually been able to make efficient use of my … Continue reading Spring Is In The Air