Preschool: the second week, unplugged

Sunday morning we lost power - thanks to Hurricane Irene. Since we have well-water, our faucets were dry too. What a way to kick off the second week of preschool! Thank goodness I prepare my lessons the previous week, otherwise I would have been floundering. Well, as much as one can flounder when teaching a … Continue reading Preschool: the second week, unplugged


Preschool: off to a great start!

It feels like forever since WordPress and I had a date. Too bad Hurricane Irene had to come between us; we were without power and running water for five days, and I have to admit, I was a tad grumpy.  A tree came crashing down in our yard, but luckily it fell away from the house.  It's amazing … Continue reading Preschool: off to a great start!


I've finished the laundry and the dishes and don't feel like doing anymore housework, so I thought I'd share a few highlights from last week.  I realized I forgot to share the kiddos' reaction to the ice cream sensory bin. The verdict... They loved it!  Of course, it got played with the most on the first couple of days, … Continue reading Highlights