Mind Jars and Bathtub Paints and Hair Feathers – Oh My!

When I first heard about Pinterest - a virtual pinboard where you can showcase and curate visual things that you love - I could tell right away that it would suck me in if I didn't vacate the premises.  Here and there, however, blogs I follow have been mentioning things off their own Pinterest lists and of course I just … Continue reading Mind Jars and Bathtub Paints and Hair Feathers – Oh My!



A couple years ago I watched The Secret.  Whereas I disagreed with the basic concept of attracting health, wealth, and success merely through the “law of attraction,” it did get me thinking about making some sort of vision board. I’ve done similar things in the past – basically cutting out pictures, quotes, ideas; things I … Continue reading Vision

the dance

He won't lead her, perhaps doesn't know the steps, so she she takes over. She takes the lead, tries to guide them in the right direction, but he balks at her steps. They fumble over one another, stepping on each other's toes, messing up the dance of life.