Mind Jars and Bathtub Paints and Hair Feathers – Oh My!

When I first heard about Pinterest - a virtual pinboard where you can showcase and curate visual things that you love - I could tell right away that it would suck me in if I didn't vacate the premises.  Here and there, however, blogs I follow have been mentioning things off their own Pinterest lists and of course I just … Continue reading Mind Jars and Bathtub Paints and Hair Feathers – Oh My!


Anticipating Easter

My second-favorite holiday after Christmas would have to be Easter - and how appropriate!  On Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and on Easter we rejoice in the fact that He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day.  But aside from the religious aspects... I just love the springy atmosphere that surrounds the season!  Trees … Continue reading Anticipating Easter

Spring Is In The Air

*inhale deeply*  It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside, and I find myself in a tank top as I do a bit of spring cleaning around the house. No more pile of Christmas decorations in the loft! The kiddos are with Meme today, so it's quiet around here and I've actually been able to make efficient use of my … Continue reading Spring Is In The Air