One Year Ago

Last year, I was excitedly and a bit nervously helping to put together a Neverland-themed baby shower for sister-in-law, Jenn. If I only knew what was to follow in the hours, days, months ahead. But perhaps it's better to be blind-sided rather than worry about what's to come. In hindsight, I wonder if the horrible … Continue reading One Year Ago


Handmade Gifts for a New Mama

My sister-in-law just gave birth to her seventh son and she pretty much has everything she needs, but I still wanted to give her something special.  I asked her what she wanted and apparently she gave away her nursing cover (maybe she thought she was done having kids??), so that was her request. Her last cover … Continue reading Handmade Gifts for a New Mama


People are always asking me of Adeline, "Is she always this easy-going?"  And the truth is, yes - she's a very easy-going, smiley baby.  I do give them the fine print that, being a baby, she is known to cry on occasion; don't want them to be surprised that she's not a perfect angel like my other … Continue reading Outnumbered