seven 7s

seven things i hope to do before i die: 1. have a baby 2. travel to a foreign country 3. learn how to knit 4. continue my education 5. finish our addition 6. lose weight (ha!) 7. learn at least one dance seven things i cannot do well: 1. parallel park 2. drive standard 3. … Continue reading seven 7s


War of the Worlds – what a disappointment

i have been refraining from renting movies from blockbuster since i have a netflix membership (only $9.99/mos for one movie at a time, unlimited rentals), but since we got chinese for dinner, and it's right next door, i figured, "why not?" what an utter disappointment. i was so... disappointed. i had to agree with this rather … Continue reading War of the Worlds – what a disappointment


i love caedmon's call - this song in particular is beautiful, and somewhat fitting. that group, along with burlap to cashmere (or, "bushells to barells," as my sister once called them) and bebo norman, have the power to transport me back to my younger days. (pause) yeah, i'm only twenty-five, but i still have younger … Continue reading fragile

karla needs

okay, this one deserved it's own entry.  got this from patriciaclark. google your first name with "needs" after it, and compile a list of the first ten things that you come up with. here's mine (i didn't make it up, either!): 01 karla needs to be sitting in a jail cell for the rest of … Continue reading karla needs