Eating Chocolate & Losing Weight

Day 20. Or, I've lost at least five pounds! I have an older scale and I'm really not sure how accurate it is, so I'm going to round down just to be realistic. Breakfast: Smoothie Snack: Dark chocolate I had a couple bites of my Berkshire Bark dark chocolate bar before heading out with the kids … Continue reading Eating Chocolate & Losing Weight


The Answer Is Spinach

Day 19. Or, sometimes it just seems easier to buy spinach at the store rather than sit in the hot sun and pick through it all! But it's so nice having fresh greens so handy. Breakfast: Smoothie Lunch: Green Protein Salad with salmon; water Just as good as yesterday! I made salads for the whole … Continue reading The Answer Is Spinach

Eat Your Greens

Day 18. Or, I've been feeling pretty good lately and hope I can keep this up! I'm sure my weekly chiropractic appointments have been helping but you have to keep your body healthy on a number of levels. Just eating well won't fix your problems if your spine is out of alignment, knowwhatImean? If anyone … Continue reading Eat Your Greens