Heart of Dakota (HOD)

For our first official year of homeschool – y’know, where I actually had to send a Letter of Intent (aka LOI… all these important acronyms) to the local school district – I thought it best to go with a packaged curriculum. After hemming and hawing I went with Heart of Dakota. I wrote a bit about the process of choosing this program.

I took me a while to decide which book to start with, since they cover a range of ages, but we ended up using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory (ages 6-8) for the 2014-2015 school year. We continued with the next book, Bigger Hearts for His Glory (ages 7-9), for 2015-2016.

Both times I was able to utilize Homeschool Classifieds for most of the resources I needed. The curriculum itself isn’t that expensive, but buying the complete package with suggested materials and resources can get pricey. I prefer to get secondhand whenever possible and utilize my local library.

This year, I decided not to purchase a curriculum, despite the success we’ve had. Some of the elements didn’t work for us and I was tailoring it to meet our needs anyway, and I was also afraid the content of the next book would be similar, just beefed up for older kids. I feel like we’ve focused so much on early-American history (a good thing!), and wanted to branch out into other areas of interest. We may pick it up again next year.

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