Circle Time

circle timeEach morning after breakfast we begin our school day with Circle Time. There are many different variations on this activity and I’m sure ours will change as we go along.

The kids love sitting on a blanket, picnic-style, so that’s usually what we do for the first part. We start off with one of two Bible devotions, reading a story from The Young Learner’s Bible Storybook or Step into the Bible – 100 Bible Stories for Family Devotions (the latter usually reserved for when Daddy is home). Each one has a corresponding verse or activity which we incorporate. Sometimes I let the kids pick another Bible-related book from the basket – oftentimes they want to read a story from last year’s 100 Bible Stories, 100 Bible Songs – or if I’m feeling up to it I play a Praise Baby or Cedarmont Kids DVD.

After saying some simple prayers, we do our ABC scripture verse for the week, then read a few poems from library books. Out comes our box of instruments – including the maracas we made last year – and we stomp around the house singing songs until I get tired of singing the same songs over and over.

It’s a fun way to start the day and we usually go right into our FIAR story for the week.


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