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Karla, the movie

Ever wonder what a movie based on YOU would look like? Well… this is NOT it. I will admit, I was intrigued, but the movie Karla has some disturbing themes. The Netflix synopisis reads, “Director Joel Bender’s disquieting psychological drama stars Misha Collins as Paul Bernardo and Laura Prepon as Karla Homolka, a notorious husband-and-wife team who abducts, sexually abuses and kills three young women. Unfolding from Karla’s point of view, the film — based on a true story — explores whether she was a willing accomplice to the crimes or merely a victim of Paul’s influence.”

Why is this movie rated R? Well, by that description you would think it’s obvious, but just in case you’re still wondering – “For brutal psychotic violence including murder, rape and spousal abuse, disturbing sexual content and strong language.”


Don’t think I’ll be watching this one after all.


the simple things

recently, someone accused me of being “VERY NEGATIVE.” whereas i know i tend to be a glass-half-empty kind of person, i was mildly offended at this impression. especially since, objectively browsing around my website and here on xanga, i didn’t find anything that could be construed as such.

sure – one of my last posts complained about the weather and the illegal immigrant situation (c’mon, who isn’t bothered by those at some point?), but scroll down and you’ll find a delightful post about the may breakfast i attended with my family, a stroll down childhood memory lane, and so forth. i tend to write when something upsets me or i’m sad, contemplative, more so that when i’m happy – it’s just that writing is a kind of therapy for me. but i thought i would take the time to post about some of the simple pleasures that have brought a smile to my face in the past few days, things i might not ordinarily bother to convey.

chocolate cool whip – in case you missed my last post. :)

the hoops & yoyo section at hallmark – they have the funniest e-cards! just the other day i sent the one entitled “your birthday is today-o!” to one of my friends. the characters’ antics have me in stitches! must to check out yourself.

my cat, nala – recently she has started climbing in my lap out of her own volition. since getting her as a kitten, i’ve been somewhat distressed that she doesn’t have the personality i long for in a cat – a quiet, yet playful, cuddly companion. more often than not, she wanders around warbling (she’s forever in a heat-like state), rubbing against anything and everything, leaving clumps of white fur in her wake. i was so delighted when, sunday morning, she hopped onto my lap, circled a few times, plopped down, and curled herself into a tight little ball to take a nap. i didn’t want to get up and disturb her when it was time to leave for church!

the fickle weather – sure, i don’t really care for the rain, but over the weekend there was the most intriguing mix of stormy-ness and sunshine. at one point, i was lying in bed next to the window, reading a book, when it started raining, thundering, and lightning. all of the sudden, the sun broke through the clouds, but the storm continued. so cool.

free stuff – my boss and his wife told me i could have their old hutch, and i finally convinced philip and his dad to pick it up for me over the weekend. it needs some tlc, but i’m looking forward to fixing it up. i’m not sure yet what i want to do with it – i’m thinking of antiquing it, maybe with some white paint, and sanding off the top layer. I want to put some nice hardware on the drawers below, and maybe put some funky fabric or wallpaper on the inside so it shows through the glass. any ideas?

sleep – i have been so tired lately, i’m convinced something is wrong with me. luckily, i haven’t been as busy as usual, so i’ve been able to sleep in some mornings. during the storm on sunday, we lost power, and the darker it got the less there was to do around the house! we finally went to bed early, affording some much-needed shut-eye.

morning talk shows – i usually tune to 92.3 or 93.3 while I’m driving to work or wherever in the morning, and the personalities on those shows always crack me up! sometimes i feel like such a goofball, grinning widely or chuckling aloud in the car at some joke they’ve made, or the hilarious listener calls/stories they receive.

books – a more recent favorite author of mine is jane green. i have read a few of her books: jemima j., bookends, to have and to hold, a couple others whose names escape me now, and currently i’m reading the other woman. she is a british author, so her stories are set in the uk, and i find i can relate to most of her characters by way of personality, relationships, other life experiences, what have you.

movies – sometimes i want something new to watch; “fresh blood,” as it were. but other times i browse through my collection of tapes/dvds and settle on an old favourite. the other day i exercised to “wild hearts can’t be broken” – god, i love that movie! i never tire of it.

aaaaaah, good stuff.

the bright side

the other night i watched “the prize winner of defiance, ohio” with my sister. it was very artistically done, entertaining and funny even when dealing with some harsh subjects. the main character, wife and mother of twelve – count ’em, twelve! – had such a happy, sweet, accepting, optimistic outlook on life despite her circumstances.

this is based on a true story of a 50s/60s housewife who enters television contests not only for the challenge and fun of it, but in the end to provide for her family. i never realized how huge these contests were back then; one ad campaign after another trying to come up with some slogan or another, and they won all sorts of things like a washer and dryer, freezer, bicycle, galoshes, dancing shoes, a car, even a pony! her husband would drink away all their money; at times you wanted to love him and felt sorry for him, but then he would go off and do something foolish, irresponsible, heartless, and you hated him.

the woman was such an inspiration; she kept her spirits up, remained a loving individual, despite her situation. i was mentally taking notes! i felt so guilty, knowing she had it a million times worse than i do, yet somehow she was a pro at looking on the bright side. there was this one scene… she finally gets to go out one day, one of her daughters is going to drive her 100 miles for a get-together with a group of other contesting friends she had been corresponding with (this, after numerous other attempts, thwarted be her chaotic and demanding home life). they make it out of town, out-of-state, having a fun time along the way… when the car breaks down. the daughter is all upset, especially for her mother, because she has to put up with her “rotten” husband, taking care of the kids, and now this. the mother seems totally unruffled; she says it was meant to be, and now she has time to sit and have a conversation with her daughter – why not cherish the moment?

how many times have things gone wrong, not gone my way, and immediately i get bent out of shape? i should look on the bright side, but i don’t – i need to take it easy, cherish the moment, look for the good things in the seeming bad. that’s especially hard in my marriage. i do think some people have a natural bent, more of a tendency to be one way over another… but certainly you can train your mind to react to situations differently. =sigh= i’m never content with myself… and that in and of itself isn’t looking on the bright side.

on a slightly different note… i was cleaning for my boss’s wife on friday afternoon, and somehow we got to talking about how they met. she said that one of the biggest influences she saw in how well they got along was the simple fact of birth order. birth order? apparently, she was the first in a family of… three siblings?… so she was used to being the boss. her husband is last in a similar size family, and he’s more content with taking the orders, being more subservient. i thought it was interesting, how this type of dynamic could play out in our relationships, especially marriages.

how do you think your birth order affects your marriage, your relationships?

my boss’s wife pointed out that, more often than not, it’s the only children who seem to have the problems in their marriages because they’re used to having things their way, or are used to internalizing everything and don’t have that open communication. she asked about philip and me, and i really didn’t know how to answer. philip is second of two boys… so it’s not like he had to deal with being last in a long line of kids. i don’t think he’s spoiled, but i do think he questions authority and assumes things will go his way (sort of like a first-born or only child, i’m guessing). i’m one of a set of twins, last of five kids, but it’s sort of different from being the fifth one of five kids, you know? i do tend to internalize, but i think that’s from being teased a lot growing up, my tendency towards depression, etc. i really have no idea how this potentially affects our relationship, but it’s an interesting thing to think about. and it’s almost like you have no control over it, to a degree. i guess you just have to realize it’s one more thing neither of you can control; people have different experiences that shape them as individuals. how much do we accept “as is,” and how much can we expect them to change and be willing to compromise?

black tuesday

why am i responsible for the fact that my husband is busy all the time? am i literally supposed to be the ball and chain? i feel like i’m met with criticism when i show up alone, without my other half. there are inquiries and explanation pertaining to said husband’s absence, if i make plans i’m given the third degree as to whether or not my husband knows so he can join if he wants, yadda yadda.

i cleaned at gram’s today, and in order to preface the slice of luscious dessert i bestowed upon her, i proceeded to gush over the wonderful i time i had on valentine’s day – or, my own hand-picked monicker, “black tuesday” – at nichole’s abode. we cooked up a storm of chinese food, and it was so fun and delicious (you have got to try the wontons!). dan was there, although he had to leave early because he has a curfew – *snicker* – and i left around 1 in the morning. (pause) that’s why i’m so tired! hehe. anyhoo…

nevermind that i had fun with my best friend, that all the new recipes were such a hit and muy delish… no, “wait! what about philip?” oh, he was busy at the fire dept – of course, again, as always. “but why don’t the two of you do something?” he doesn’t have time for me anymore. “well, you should talk to him, tell him how you feel.” uh… he already knows. doesn’t care. can i still have a life, or do i have to sit around at home, waiting for him to arrive so i can serve him a nice, hot meal? she went on trying to persuade me that i should do something about it, that i should set the time. before i left, she said, “tell him you want to go dancing tonight!” i’m sure she was half joking, but even so… =shakes head=

since i’ve been tired lately, and because the initial conversation left a bad taste in my mouth – somewhat annoyed and betrayed that people seem to think either a) i am responsible for making things happen, or b) they don’t even see there’s anything wrong with the fact that i’m always alone – the rest of my time cleaning was spent contemplating such a thread of thoughts. being so preocccupied i kept dropping things, tripping on things, being generally clumsy and not able to help myself… which got me more upset. it’s like… in “miss congeniality,” when sandra bullock’s character goes home after a rather unsuccessful undercover operation, and while she’s waiting for dinner to heat up in the microwave she walks through her bedroom, and trips on her bed (or something); pissed off at it, she kicks it, and ends up wounding herself yet again. it’s a vicious cycle.

whatever. i had a great v-day, not with my sweetheart, but with my sweet friend.

abnormal normalities?

4 JOBS I’VE HAD that you probably haven’t (except the fourth one)
1. assistant supervisor at a hotel
2. live-in housekeeper/nanny at a million-dollar mansion on nantucket
3. wedding cake maker
4. waitress

4 MOVIES I’D WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN that you probably wouldn’t (except the fourth one)
1. the saint
2. wild hearts can’t be broken
3. dangerous beauty
4. lord of the rings

4 PLACES I’VE LIVED that you probably never have (except the fourth one)
1. wauwinet, nantucket island, ma
2. johnston, ri
3. exeter, ri
4. ri (is there an echo in here?)

4 TV SHOWS I LIKE(D) TO WATCH that you’ve probably never seen (except the fourth one)
1. i don’t remember the name… but it was a spanish soap opera!
2. keeping up appearances
3. rescue rangers
4. alias

4 PLACES I’VE BEEN ON VACATION that you haven’t (except the fourth one)
1. carlsbad caverns, nm
2. smuggler’s notch, vt
3. lewiston, me
4. california

4 WEBSITES I VISIT DAILY that you don’t (except the fourth one)
1. go fug yourself
2. postsecret
3. sparkpeople
4. dooce

4 OF MY FAVORITE FOODS that normal people hate (except the fourth one)
1. red, orange, and yellow peppers
2. cream of wheat
3. hummus
4. chinese

4 PLACES YOU WANT TO GO RIGHT NOW where no one would join me (except the fourth one)
1. bed
2. for a drive
3. back in time
4. any place tropical