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Waves of Light for October 15th

You know how there are different colors assigned for different areas of awareness?  The one that immediately comes to mind is the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.  And I know about grey or silver for various brain diseases because a college friend of Phil’s died a number of years ago and we wore bracelets.… Continue reading Waves of Light for October 15th

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More {natural, non-candy} Easter Ideas

I was feeling a bit bummed about my lack of Easter goodies for the kiddos even though we’ve been determined to go easy on the presents.  At first I was like, Those crayon rolls are awesome, they don’t need anything else!    And it’s true, they don’t need anything else and they’ll probably get goodies… Continue reading More {natural, non-candy} Easter Ideas

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When we lost power during the hurricane last week, one of the books I started thumbing through was on old copy of Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk that my mother had bequeathed to me. I’m already familiar with the concepts author David Elkind writes about, but began to feel somewhat uneasy as I read his words… All across the country,… Continue reading Miseducation

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Breast Is Still Best

You’ve all heard the “breast is best” slogan, and perhaps it’s high time we as a nation started believing it.  The article When It Comes to Breastfeeding, We Can’t Handle the Truth had me knodding my head in agreement, and got me thinking of my own experience.  Despite having read much of the breastfeeding research out there and understanding its many… Continue reading Breast Is Still Best