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Nail Polish and Moving On

I wanted to wear open-toe shoes to my sister-in-law’s baby shower, so I knew I should clean my toenails and re-apply some polish. Having pale skin, my toes benefit from darker colors that pop, so I picked a dark red, almost burgundy shade. Five days later, that red seemed like a cruel irony as  I bled my… Continue reading Nail Polish and Moving On

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The Things That Get To You

It’s weird, the things that get to you… especially when your heart is already fragile. I only cried twice yesterday… once while reading a sympathy card and the poem enclosed with it, and then when I went to bed, when my hands automatically rested on my stomach.  I quickly pulled them away like I had burned… Continue reading The Things That Get To You

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My Life is But a Weaving

A family member sent me this beautiful poem that brought me to tears, along with a note of sympathy for what we are going through.  I looked it up online, and there are some different versions – some giving credit to Corrie ten Boom, others simply saying “Anonymous.” In any case, I wanted to share:… Continue reading My Life is But a Weaving

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One Week Later

*Disclaimer: I continue to speak honestly – and at times graphically – about my recent miscarriage.  If this bothers you, stop reading now.  Writing this down is helping me get through everything, and I hope that this might help someone else who might be going through the same thing. One week later… I lay in bed… Continue reading One Week Later