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I went to the dollar store after work today, and of course couldn’t resist buying something sugar-y. I settled for a box of Snow Puffs, which are a pretty yummy toned-down version of Snowballs – they’re “fudge cookies with marshmallow and coconut,” and they’re not too big and don’t contain an excessive amount of calories.… Continue reading irony


dirty messages

you know how people write messages in the film of dirt on their car windows? well, the other day i was behind a van with a one such message – nevermind “wash me,” it read: “pay taxes or go home!” hehe. glad to know i’m not the only one with such sentiments.

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most women probably know what “na” means in bra terms. for those of you who don’t – either because you’re a male of the species or because you’ve been blessed enough to never have to encounter those letters – it means “nearly a.” which means, in breast terms, “barely there,” or in keeping with the… Continue reading NNA