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Our Family Christmas Card

I didn’t want to do Christmas cards this year. In fact, there are a lot of things I felt like I either dropped or worked on without much enthusiasm. Between miscarrying Shiloh, losing Astrid, and all the aftershocks of these tumultuous events (heaped onto burdens that were already there to begin with), it’s been hard… Continue reading Our Family Christmas Card

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Sugar Detox – day 5 (and strawberry-picking)

We didn’t have a whole lot of time this morning, so after giving the kids cereal with banana, homemade sunbutter, honey, and almond milk, I made myself a smoothie.  I used to hate the idea of a smoothie every day because I like to chew my food and feel like I’ve eaten something, but having a smoothie… Continue reading Sugar Detox – day 5 (and strawberry-picking)

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People are always asking me of Adeline, “Is she always this easy-going?”  And the truth is, yes – she’s a very easy-going, smiley baby.  I do give them the fine print that, being a baby, she is known to cry on occasion; don’t want them to be surprised that she’s not a perfect angel like my other… Continue reading Outnumbered