A Bit of an Update

It's Fall. How did that happen? The days eek by ever so slowly when - BAM! - you realize three months have gone by. I love Fall, it's my favorite season. It's hard to put away the flip flops, but I do so love the chill in the air, the lack of stifling heat and … Continue reading A Bit of an Update


The Third Week – wrapping it up

Day 21. Or, I made it! Three weeks wasn't that bad, though I will admit the extra work and preparation has been a bit of a nuissance. I already make many things from scratch, so to add on top of that, it's been a bit discouraging and has made me want to make something easier … Continue reading The Third Week – wrapping it up

The Answer Is Spinach

Day 19. Or, sometimes it just seems easier to buy spinach at the store rather than sit in the hot sun and pick through it all! But it's so nice having fresh greens so handy. Breakfast: Smoothie Lunch: Green Protein Salad with salmon; water Just as good as yesterday! I made salads for the whole … Continue reading The Answer Is Spinach

Eat Your Greens

Day 18. Or, I've been feeling pretty good lately and hope I can keep this up! I'm sure my weekly chiropractic appointments have been helping but you have to keep your body healthy on a number of levels. Just eating well won't fix your problems if your spine is out of alignment, knowwhatImean? If anyone … Continue reading Eat Your Greens