A Bit of an Update

It's Fall. How did that happen? The days eek by ever so slowly when - BAM! - you realize three months have gone by. I love Fall, it's my favorite season. It's hard to put away the flip flops, but I do so love the chill in the air, the lack of stifling heat and … Continue reading A Bit of an Update


The Third Week – wrapping it up

Day 21. Or, I made it! Three weeks wasn't that bad, though I will admit the extra work and preparation has been a bit of a nuissance. I already make many things from scratch, so to add on top of that, it's been a bit discouraging and has made me want to make something easier … Continue reading The Third Week – wrapping it up

Eat Your Greens

Day 18. Or, I've been feeling pretty good lately and hope I can keep this up! I'm sure my weekly chiropractic appointments have been helping but you have to keep your body healthy on a number of levels. Just eating well won't fix your problems if your spine is out of alignment, knowwhatImean? If anyone … Continue reading Eat Your Greens