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Peg People, Paper Hearts, & Pie

February. Really?  I know it’s trite… but where does the time go? I’m up watching the Olympics and old episodes of Medium.  Normally I do something productive while essentially wasting time, but that pile of laundry isn’t exactly calling my name. Up until recently I was burning the midnight oil by sitting at the sewing… Continue reading Peg People, Paper Hearts, & Pie

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The Kiddos’ Birthday Bash

Both of my children were born the week of Thanksgiving, their birthdays two days apart.  And every year around Thanksgiving I ponder the question of whether or not to combine their birthdays with the holiday to simplify.  But something always holds me back because I feel like they’ll miss out or get lost in the… Continue reading The Kiddos’ Birthday Bash

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Next Week

Next week will probably be one of the busiest times of the year.  With two kiddos born the week of Thanksgiving there’s a lot to celebrate!  We’ll celebrate Gwen’s fifth birthday, Josiah’s third birthday two days later, Thanksgiving after that, and then have a family birthday party for the kiddos on the weekend.  Thanksgiving will be… Continue reading Next Week