Peg People, Paper Hearts, & Pie

February. Really?  I know it's trite... but where does the time go? I'm up watching the Olympics and old episodes of Medium.  Normally I do something productive while essentially wasting time, but that pile of laundry isn't exactly calling my name. Up until recently I was burning the midnight oil by sitting at the sewing … Continue reading Peg People, Paper Hearts, & Pie


Hearts on the Horizon

I know we just came through the holiday season, but there's always another one just around the corner. You can't escape it at the stores and for someone who likes to plan ahead, I might as well start thinking about it.  Especially since baby girl is due in February and I want to make sure … Continue reading Hearts on the Horizon

Next Week

Next week will probably be one of the busiest times of the year.  With two kiddos born the week of Thanksgiving there's a lot to celebrate!  We'll celebrate Gwen's fifth birthday, Josiah's third birthday two days later, Thanksgiving after that, and then have a family birthday party for the kiddos on the weekend.  Thanksgiving will be … Continue reading Next Week