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Upcycled Longies for Addy

It’s amazing how each of my children have grown into their names, along with their many permutations and nicknames.  Adeline quickly turned into “Addy,” which became a springboard for “Fussy Addy,” “Silly Addy,” “Grabby Addy,” “Saddy Addy,” basically rhyming it with everything (adding a “Y” if necessary).  She has definitely found her niche within our… Continue reading Upcycled Longies for Addy

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Doll Diapers – another big sister gift

Poor Josiah… he often gets jipped in the gift department.  Girls are just so much easier to buy for!  Or, in my case, make for. A while back I pinned these really cute doll cloth diapers – I love all the little details!  Now that Gwen will be a new big sister I thought it… Continue reading Doll Diapers – another big sister gift

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Crafting for Baby and Building a Wool Stash

I’m so excited… now that I know that we’re having a girl, I can be a bit more focused in my baby crafting.  Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I upcycled some tees into some newborn undies, just like I did for the rest of the family.  I’m hoping to try elimination communication… Continue reading Crafting for Baby and Building a Wool Stash

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Early Potty Training

Infant potty training, potty whispering, elimination communication – call it what you will.  There are many names for this practice which seems to be a growing trend… and yet… this is the way things were done before the convenience of disposable diapers.  I cloth diapered my first baby on and off, and have done so exclusively… Continue reading Early Potty Training