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Homeschool with Heart of Dakota

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t bother trying to keep up with this blog. I gave up Facebook a few years back because it was just too much drama and was eating up my time anyway.  However, I’ve appreciated all the help, resources, and inspiration I’ve found through others’ blogs.  One of the main reasons I… Continue reading Homeschool with Heart of Dakota

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Muffin Tin Meals & More

I love using the kiddos’ divided plates for mealtimes, making sure I find something to fill each spot.  Whenever I leave one “blank,” Gwen has to point out that it’s empty.  Sorry, some days I’m more creative than others!  I got this nifty idea from Counting Coconuts to make muffin tin meals.  It’s amazing how the… Continue reading Muffin Tin Meals & More

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Curriculum Craziness

I bet you’ve never gotten sidetracked googling something, have you?  One simple little search, and you’re in front of the computer way past your bedtime, clicking on way too many results, eyes aching from staring at the screen.   Despite the fact that I’ve been adding to the ever-expanding list of favorite links for homeschool ideas… Continue reading Curriculum Craziness