Life After Miscarriage

This will eventually be added as a page on the menu, but I wanted to write it as a post first so it doesn't go unnoticed. It would be impossible to write down everything I want to say, the things I truly feel day in and day out, the things I want to share with … Continue reading Life After Miscarriage


handmade baby things

I love showing off my handmade creations but haven't done so in a while. Y'know, life 'n' all. For a while I was selling my things locally at a place called Tula Tinkers, but they recently closed up shop - much to my chagrin! I had a whole bunch of stock there and had just … Continue reading handmade baby things

Life Goes On

The kids and I are studying Ancient Greece. I've been using History Pockets and really like them; they take some of the guesswork out of which topics to cover with an outline and various activities. One of the activities for the "Language and Literature" section was discussing lyric poetry and writing your own poem. Mind … Continue reading Life Goes On