The Third Week – wrapping it up

Day 21. Or, I made it! Three weeks wasn’t that bad, though I will admit the extra work and preparation has been a bit of a nuissance. I already make many things from scratch, so to add on top of that, it’s been a bit discouraging and has made me want to make something easier and more convenient at times. A nice ol’ PB&J would be just the ticket. *sigh*

I’ve lost some weight (although I thought and hoped the weight loss would be a bit more dramatic) and I’m feeling good, so I’m gonna stick with this for another week then think about adding some things back in – eggs, some dairy, etc.

This wraps up my elimination diet for this round – hope you got some ideas and inspiration – and perhaps a bit of reality? – for your own journey.

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Mean Green Detox Salad with salmon
This has to be my favorite salad – but all the steps! Also, I don’t like it the next day even though it holds up; it’s best freshly made. I added oranges with the grapefruit and salmon on top, which is one of my favorite additions to salad.

Snack: Veggie Stix; seltzer water
Since the kids have been so helpful in the garden, we took them out for Del’s frozen lemonade today. Phil suggested ice cream, but I said I couldn’t have any. Since Del’s makes a sugar-free version, I figured I would have that instead. Well… they didn’t have the sugar-free! I was pretty bummed, but I walked next door to a pharmacy and got some seltzer. I wanted green tea but there was nothing sugar-free. 

Dinner: Pasta with bacon, cannellini beans, & chard with vegan parm topping; gluten-free flatbread with vegan pesto
I didn’t want to have more salmon today and there was no chicken defrosted… so what to add to the brown rice pasta for protein? Well, bacon makes everything taste better, and beans in bacon grease? Yum! I cut up some chard and threw that in at the end. The fam used parmesan cheese but I used my vegan blend. I had some leftover gluten-free flatbread and topped it with an awesome pesto (I was inspired by a few pesto recipes – basil, parsley, walnuts, almonds, garlic scapes, nutritional yeast, olive oil, salt, and pepper). Oh, and those garlic scapes? Fresh from our garden! They are the curly greens that grow on top of garlic, and many people don’t know you can use them – in salads, sauteed with meat, etc. They have a mild, garlic-y onion flavor.

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photo credit: grongar Garlic scape via photopin (license)


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