The Answer Is Spinach

Day 19. Or, sometimes it just seems easier to buy spinach at the store rather than sit in the hot sun and pick through it all! But it’s so nice having fresh greens so handy.

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Green Protein Salad with salmon; water
Just as good as yesterday! I made salads for the whole family and it took quite a while chopping all the different ingredients, putting them all together, but they really liked it. We worked quite a bit in the garden this morning, weeding and picking greens, and I was hot and hungry by the time lunch rolled around!

Snack: Chocolate (I know!)
We went to Mystic Aquarium (and Village) after lunch, a favorite place of ours. After walking around the aquarium, we walked across the street to the shops. We looked in a couple places and I decided we should get some fudge for Phil’s parents, since they were coming over this evening. While we were in the general store, I saw a display of Berkshire Bark, and couple varieties were dark chocolate. The one I had was For the Birds, but it’s not on their website so perhaps they’ve stopped making it. I had about one third of the bar and it was really good, and only 3g of sugar per serving. It contains Belgian dark chocolate, sunflower, chia, flax seeds, puffed quinoa, fruit juice sweetened cranberries and blueberries, and sea salt. Pretty good, huh? I hope I can find it somewhere else.

Dinner: Pizza (Seriously?); water
Yes, seriously. Our local pizza joint makes good pizza which, sadly, I can’t have right now. Buuut… I recently got a 40% off coupon and remembered they have a gluten-free option. So, while everyone else had pepperoni and Hawaiian slices, I had a gluten-free pizza with sauce, chicken, spinach, garlic, and my own “cheese” sauce. Afterwards we passed around watermelon (I had a couple bites while cutting it up but nothing substantial) and fudge but I stuck with my water. They even had popcorn while watching BFG! Just writing this I’m about to go to bed and getting hungry… but it’s too late to eat anything.

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