Eat Your Greens

Day 18. Or, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and hope I can keep this up! I’m sure my weekly chiropractic appointments have been helping but you have to keep your body healthy on a number of levels. Just eating well won’t fix your problems if your spine is out of alignment, knowwhatImean? If anyone locally is looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Enos in Warwick is da bomb.

Breakfast: Smoothie
Sometimes I just use coconut almond milk (which, by the way, is an Almond Breeze blend – I get the original, unsweetened kind), but every once in a while I add full fat coconut milk and it makes my smoothie so creamy! *sigh* I could add coconut milk to everything.

Lunch: Green Protein Salad; iced coffee with coconut almond milk and stevia
I’ve been trying to find a few salads to keep in rotation so I don’t get bored and so I get a variety of nutrients. My favorite so far is probably the Mean Green Detox Salad but it has quite a few steps, so if I don’t already have some of the elements prepared, it’s a bit of work. I also really like the kale and beet salad that I’ve had a few times, but last time I didn’t add salmon and didn’t like it quite as much. Green salads sometimes seem… boring… to me, perhaps because they’re monochromatic? But I really enjoyed this one, and I didn’t even add chicken or salmon! I did add sprouts and avocado to keep the green thing going, though, and made a few substitutions (like chia seed for hemp, sunbutter for tahini).

Snack: Veggie Stix; iced peppermint tea

Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala with rice and flatbread
This was a yummy, flavorful dish – even Addy, my picky four-year-old, gobbled it up! When I first tasted it I was surprised that it seemed a bit bland, due to the array of spices involved, but I punched it up a bit with garlic powder, more chipotle chili powder (instead of the cayenne), and a bit of ghee (a la Butter Chicken). I wasn’t crazy about the flatbread, but I also didn’t follow the recipe 100% so I’ll try it again some other time. 

Bedtime: Golden Milk

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