Add A Touch Of Royal To Salads

Day 17. Or, why am I so darn tired? Shouldn’t I feel more energetic eating this way?

Breakfast: Smoothie
I usually have a chocolate cherry smoothie but today I was in a chocolate “peanut butter” mood so I used sunflower seed butter.

Lunch: Salad; iced coffee with almond coconut milk and stevia
I threw together a yummy salad with kale, quinoa, grilled chicken, red cabbage, oranges, grapefruit, sliced almonds, and dressing. It can be easy to pick up a whole lot of extra ingredients for salad, and the list can get overwhelming, making it that much more overwhelming to hurry up and get some lunch on the table. The layering of ingredients and explosion of flavors can be wonderful… but also complicate things. I’ve tried to keep it simple and one of the things I add to almost every salad – even if it’s just a little – is purple cabbage. It adds a nice crunch and beautiful color – in addition to its health benefits.

Snack: Veggie Stix; walnuts
I feel like I had quite a bit of protein with lunch, between the chicken and the almonds, but I keep getting hungry (and ridiculously tired) in the afternoon. What gives?

Dinner: Chicken with Lemon Rice Pilaf and sauteed spinach
I’m so glad I had some leftovers from last night because the rice pilaf was so good! I needed some greens, though, and cooked up some spinach with ghee and spices.

Bedtime: Pecan Nut Thins; Golden Milk
I made the golden milk with half almond-coconut milk and half full-fat coconut milk… and ohmigoodness it was so rich and creamy! 

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photo credit: flossyflotsam Teeming with Cabbage via photopin (license)


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