Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Day 16. Or, making everything from scratch can be a big pain in the ass because it takes time and doesn’t always save money. But you can feel healthy anyway!

Breakfast: Smoothie
I woke up on a sour note because the big batch of homemade yogurt I put on last night didn’t set. I currently have it incubating again, hoping it will thicken up. Yogurt parfaits are an easy breakfast for me to give the kids and I don’t feel like finding a creative use for the thin yogurt. I feel like I wasted my time and energy and have created more work for myself. *sigh* NOTE: It never set.

Lunch: Detox Kale and Quinoa Salad with chicken
I was so hungry when we came home from running errands and I knew I wanted to make this salad. For some reason, I didn’t like it as well today. Perhaps because I usually have it with salmon? Am I already getting sick of salads?!

Snack: Smoothie
I had a late doctor’s appointment right around dinnertime, so I had a smaller-sized smoothie before leaving. 1c almond coconut milk + frozen banana + 1 scoop protein powder + cocoa powder  + spoonful sesame seed butter.

Dinner: Baked Chicken with Lemon Rice Pilaf; salad; water
Since I was gone around dinnertime I put a casserole in the oven before I left. After my appointment was a health and wellness class and we were fed, but I couldn’t have the pizza offered (major bummer), so I opted for salad instead. It had lettuce, tomatoes, and chicken, but I had to pick out the feta cheese. FULL CONFESSION: I couldn’t get off all the cheese. I had some of the chicken and rice when I got home and it was REALLY good, I’ll definitely make it again. If I had been home I would have had more green – like broccoli.

Bedtime: Golden Milk

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