A Balanced Diet Is Chocolate In Both Hands

Day 14. Or, two whole weeks! Sometimes when I get overwhelmed at the thought of doing something, I think back to my high school days, doing research papers. I would get so bogged down at the mere thought of all the work ahead of me… but you just start somewhere and, little by little, it (somehow) gets done. And now look at me… two weeks gone *SNAP!* like that.

Breakfast: Smoothie
I’ve noticed that sometimes I can’t finish my smoothie… either because I’m feeling full or I just don’t feel like drinking a whole jar of the stuff. But then I get really hungry before lunch comes around. I wonder if I need to add more protein… or more chocolate?

Lunch: Rice, kale, sweet potato, black beans, and nacho “cheese”; iced green tea with stevia
The rice, potatoes, and beans were leftovers from a couple nights ago. I decided to sautee some kale in ghee and add all of the ingredients together to heat up, adding a bit of turmeric and chipotle chili powder, then topping it with one of my cheese blends. Pretty good!

Dinner: Mean Green Detox Salad, steak tips with mushrooms, roasted veggies, Beanitos; seltzer water
We had a Father’s Day dinner at my parents’ house. My contribution was the salad, but luckily my mom had prepared all things I could eat! I sampled little bits of each.

Dessert: Mixed fruit; dark chocolate
It was  little disheartening watching everyone else partake of some fancy mini cheesecakes and gelato, but I stuck with a yummy mix of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and pomegranate seeds. I also scored a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate. I LOVE me some dark chocolate! In fact, I think I’ll get some at the store tomorrow – after all, it’s high in antioxidants (among other things). 

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