Father’s Day and Falafel

Day 13. Or, when will I feel better? I really thought I would feel better eating a more restricted diet. Granted, I’m feeling better in some respects, but still. At first I thought I had allergies, then when Gabe was sick I thought it was something more, but he’s all better and I still feel crappy. Does the pollen have that much power over me?

Phil will be at work tomorrow so tonight was our Father’s Day celebration. We played a few rounds of UNO, ate a yummy dinner, then watched Moana. Cute movie with some interesting special features explaining their choices for the film, getting to know the peoples and cultures of the Pacific Islands.

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Better Than Restaurant Falafel with Sweet Potato Nacho “Cheese” and avocado; iced green tea with stevia
I’m running out of salad toppings and felt like having something else for lunch anyway… but still wanted my greens. Am I the only one that spends ages trying to figure out what recipes to use? *sigh* I love falafel but don’t always think to make it. I recently pinned this yummy-looking turmeric chickpea fritters recipe (basically, round falafel) buuuut I didn’t feel like playing around with the ingredients. I found this falafel recipe already on my Beans, Rice, & Quinoa board and loved that it contains a bunch of greens (in my case, garden chard). Next up: perhaps a beet falafel?

Snack: Veggie Stix; iced green tea with stevia
I was in the kitchen most of the afternoon making dessert and dinner for our early Father’s Day. By four o’ clock my tummy was rumbling!

Dinner: Pasta with salmon, bacon, and asparagus
I used this Lemon Asparagus Pasta for inspiration, using brown rice pasta, ghee for the butter, coconut milk for the cream, salmon and bacon for chicken, and broccoli instead of asparagus. It was really good! Phil and the kids had parmesan cheese on theirs while I used my vegan counterpart.

Dessert: Fruit with sliced almonds
I tried something different for Phil and the kids, making a fruit pizza. Since I’ve been trying to use up stuff in the panty, I used a cake mix for the cookie crust. The kids decorated the top with nectarines, kiwis, strawberries, and blueberries. It was a bit hit! I had some of the leftover fruit with nuts.

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photo credit: wuestenigel Kichererbsen / Uncooked chickpeas via photopin (license)

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