Going Nuts

Day 11. Or, I’m running out of ideas!

Breakfast: Smoothie
Just a tiny deviation from my typical smoothie, I didn’t add stevia (figured it was sweet enough) or any greens (I don’t want it any thicker and I eat quite a lot of greens throughout the rest of the day).

Lunch: Detox Kale and Quinoa Salad with salmon
I didn’t add cukes this time around because we’re running low and I wanted the kids to have them. I added a bit of the beet juice to the dressing, which was nice. There’s still some of the juice left – perhaps I’ll add it to my next smoothie. (pause) And I just realized I forgot to add sunflower seeds this time around! That really bums me out…

Snack: Applesauce with cinnamon and sliced almonds; green tea with stevia
I’ve been busy around the house, going through pictures and doing laundry and melting beeswax for more teething rings to sell and getting after Addy to stop screaming and the kids to get along and Gabe since he’s starting to stand and climb everything… soooo my 3pm-snacktime came and went. Josiah inquired about an hour later as to whether or not we could have a snack. Fiiiiine!

Dinner: Smoothie, Pecan Nut Thins with Vegan Mexican Cheese
I had no inspiration whatsoever for dinner. I didn’t feel like having another salad, but other than some deli meat, I had no meat thawed and had no desire for beans. I could have had salmon but I already had it for lunch; there’s tuna but I don’t like it without mayo; some other recipes I looked up called for bread crumbs – arrrgh! I made the kids couscous, chicken nuggets, and peas with corn…. none of which I could have. I settled on a half portion smoothie (pretty good: 1/2c cold coffee + 1/2c coconut almond milk + 1 frozen banana + 1 scoop protein powder + spoonful sunflower seed butter) with the crackers and spread (which is made from cashews, walnuts, and nutritional yeast). 

Bedtime: Veggie Stix
I was really munchy, perhaps because I didn’t have a big dinner, perhaps because I just want to snack. Are we there yet?!

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