Life Is Just a Cherry Smoothie

Day 10. Or, finally, we’ve reached double digits!

Breakfast: Smoothie
I’ve been having pretty much the same smoothie every day, featuring frozen cherries. I really hope our cherry tree gives us fruit this year; I love using the produce we grow organically. In the past I’ve used two bags of frozen cherries for a yummy dump cake, using a boxed cake mix… but I guess I won’t be doing that for a while. I want sugarrrrr!!! Are the cravings supposed to go away???

Lunch: Detox Kale and Quinoa Salad with salmon
Mm, this salad is as good as ever! Beets are growing on me and I’m starting to wonder how else I can use them – even planted some in our garden this year. My Russian sister-in-law gave me a cookbook and bookmarked a Borst recipe, which I made for her when she had a baby in April. I tasted it because I was curious how it came out, and it was so yummy… but I couldn’t imagine serving it to the the kids because, STAINS. I have a couple other recipes in mind that feature beets: beet falafel (the whole bowl looks good), Polenta with Beet Ribbons, and Spicy Probiotic Beet and Red Cabbage Kraut

Snack: apple slices, Veggie Stix, iced tea
I seem to always get a mid-afternoon slump, despite the fact that I feel I’m eating pretty healthily. Now, I could always do better, but still… Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a mom and will never get enough sleep. *shrugs* Will I always have low blood-sugar, the need to snack?

Dinner: Burrito bowl with rice, ground beef, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, a version of this creamy chipotle sauce, and Vegan Mexican Cheese; lemon water
OMG this was so good! I love the idea of having extra rice and toppings in the fridge during the week… but I would have to make a lot, which means an extra batch, rather than simply doubling a batch. And cooking while it’s hot and humid? UGH. I wasn’t too happy with the way the sauce came out, but I added a few things to make it better, and that vegan cheese it totally yummy (I few put a few dollops on top; it’s rich creaminess totally makes up for the lack of REAL cheese).

No bedtime snacks – just as well. Phil has been working extra hours and I told him I sometimes feel almost… not quite… frantic… trying to get stuff done. Gotta get the laundry in, put breakfast on the table for the always-hungry kiddos, gotta clean up after lunch, let me clean this all up, here hold Gabe for a sec, wash the dishes, put the dishes away, clean clean clean, pick up your stuff!, just a sec!, I’ll be there in a minute!, what’s for dinner?, cook-cook-cook, rush-rush-rush, scrub-scrub-scrub. The things I do in-between, I don’t really have time to savor them because there’s always something else to be done – skim the article, read two pages in my book, pause the movie a million times, realize I haven’t had a chance to pee all morning, take pictures of the kids while convincing them not to whine and fuss and misbehave. Ah, but I will look back on these days wistfully, wishing they were no longer gone. And hopefully some of this manic back-and-forth is helping me lose weight.

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