Tea & Tailgating

Day 9. Or, my feet are killing me because I’ve been walking around all day and I really wanted some fudge and ice cream during our field trip today. *SIGH*

We went to Mystic Seaport today. Man, I don’t know if I’m getting wimpier as I get older, but it was dang hot and I felt like I was getting dehydrated (hence all the iced tea today). We love Mystic though, and first started coming to the aquarium (I love the Beluga whales!) and the village (cool shops and restaurants). While walking around the seaport today, one of the employees asked if she could take our picture – a nice family with interesting hats! Hehe. She posted it on their facebook page and I looked it up when we got home. Probably one of the only family pictures we’ll get this year!

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I packed us a lunch and we had a little tailgate picnic going on. Last night I made Scotch Eggs for Phil and the kiddos, which they gobbled up with homemade ketchup (guess I’ll be making those again!). They also had cucumbers and tomatoes, Veggie Chips, and grapes. I packed my leftovers and sipped my tea from a big ol’ mason jar. I normally make iced tea with green tea bags, putting about eight of them in a glass container, filling it with water, and letting it steep in the fridge overnight. Guess it’s a tea’s version of a cold brew! But there was a jug of the decaf Arizona tea on sale at the store this week, hence the commercial version. I’ll have to make some more of my own tonight – I’m getting low!


Snack: Mediterra Savory Bar with Black Olives & Walnuts; Arizona iced tea
My mom has been doing a similar diet but she got a head start. She often gives me various food items to sample, yummy things she finds at Whole Foods or Dave’s. A couple weeks ago she introduced me to Mediterra Savory Bars. I’ll admit, I was a bit dubious as to whether or not I would like them – a *savory* granola bar? But they are really good! I would love to try some of the other varieties, but out of the two I have tried, this was my favorite. Since we got to the seaport a little before lunch time we decided to have a snack, walk around a bit, come back for lunch, then go back in for the rest of the afternoon.

Lunch: The Mean Green Detox Salad with salmon; Arizona iced tea
I’m glad I saved some leftovers from yesterday! I packed a lunch so we wouldn’t have to spend money going out to eat – and I wouldn’t have to figure out what I would be able to eat. The salad was still tasty, but I do prefer it fresh the day it’s made. When Phil saw the container he said it looked really good. I plan on making more salads for him and myself – perhaps like these Easy Greek Salad Meal Prep Bowls, which makes a bunch of salads to have during the week.

Snack: Mediterra Savory Bar with Kale & Pumpkin seeds; Veggie ChipsArizona iced tea
We were all thirsty and hungry after walking around all day so we fished around in the cooler for uneaten items.

Dinner: 20-Minute Tuscan Chicken PastaArizona iced tea
Honestly, I was quite cranky cooking this tonight because it was a long day and it was hot in the house and I was sweating while cooking and Gabe was crying his head off and the can opener wouldn’t work then I burned my arm on the hot pot. I may or may not have uttered some choice words (aaaand banged the pot on the stove a few times). However, this was really yummy! I used Tinkyada brown rice pasta, added some bacon with the onion and garlic, used homemade chicken broth (probably a little less than the recipe called for), coconut milk for the cream, garden spinach for the frozen, leftover chicken I had stashed in the fridge (I cooked up a bunch of chicken thighs in the crock pot last week), 1 big can petite diced tomatoes, and vegan parm for topping.

I’m drinking more tea as I write but won’t bother with a bedtime snack. I’m too hot to bother and I still have to clean up the dinner dishes. Yay. #WomensWorkIsNeverDone

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    1. Cool about your side gig! Huh, that’s interesting… I didn’t know there was such a thing. Something tells me Phil wouldn’t want to do that, but doesn’t hurt to ask!

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