I’ll Have The Salmon

Day 8. Or, it’s too hot to make anything can I just have smoothies all day? (I’ve never had smoothies for all three meals, but I have done two… they’re just so easy and yummy!)

Breakfast: Smoothie
2c milk (coconut and almond) + 1 frozen green banana + frozen cherries + 1 scoop protein powder + cocoa powder + flaxseed meal + chia seed + beet greens (from my garden!) + stevia

Lunch: The Mean Green Detox Salad with salmon; iced green tea
I absolutely *loved* this salad from last week and was bummed I only bought one grapefruit. Since I shared the salad with the kids, it only made one meal for myself. But this time around I’m saving it all for me! I got a big bag of individually-wrapped salmon to keep in the freezer and will add some to salads and meals throughout the week.

Snack: Veggie Chips, cherries, Arizona iced tea

Dinner: Brussels sprouts with bacon and apple; iced tea
This was last night’s leftovers (brussels, shallots, bacon) with some chopped apple on top. I got the inspiration for adding the apple from this Sweet & Salty Virgin Diet Salad, except I didn’t add the nuts (but plan on it another time).

Bedtime: iced tea
I’ve been so thirsty! We don’t have A/C in our house, and although we do have some ceiling fans, during the warmer months it starts feeling hot and stuffy inside. I end up feeling uncomfortable and sticky and thirsty! Good thing it’s decaf…

We’re planning a family field trip tomorrow so I’m going to pack a lunch for us. I’m trying my hand at Scotch Eggs, which I heard of not too long ago and was intrigued. Apparently, they are traditionally made with pork, but I got some ground beef on sale today and am using that. Unfortunately, I can’t have the eggs! Buuut I’m going to give them to the family – maybe with a salad? We’ll see.

I have some leftover chicken I plan on using for dinner tomorrow night – any ideas? I’m not feeling very creative, and so many of the recipes I’m finding contain cheeeeeese! Which I can’t have right now. [SIGH]

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