One Week Under My Belt (Literally)

Day 7. Or, a whole week, hallelujah! And even, when will I start losing weight?!

This morning began on a sour note. Gabe still isn’t feeling well and won’t take anyone but me. I was trying to whip up breakfast and when the pancakes kept sticking to the griddle (damn coconut flour, no doubt) I got pissed that I can’t just eat what I want to eat, dammit! I felt immature in my grumblings but I felt what I felt. Arrrgh!

Breakfast: Half a smoothie and a blueberry pancake with sunflower seed butter
I used my favorite pancake recipe and subbed allowable ingredients – gluten-free flour blend, almond coconut milk, applesauce, coconut oil/ghee, flax egg, frozen blueberries. Since I knew I wouldn’t have very many pancakes I also had a simplified smoothie with one cup almond coconut milk + 1 scoop protein powder + frozen cherries.

Lunch: Salad
No specific recipe, just threw together some now-familiar ingredients: kale + lettuce + sprouts + avocado + apple + red cabbage + sunflower seeds + vegan parm + dressing + quinoa. 

Snack: Veggie Stix, iced green tea
I’ve been running out of snack options as the week has gone by. There was a handful left in the bottom of the Veggie Stix bag and I wanted fruit to go with it but there weren’t a whole lotta options. I attempted this Turmeric Glow Lemonade as a refreshing drink but, sadly, it looks and sounds yummier than it actually is. I’ll bet if I could have added the maple syrup (instead of the stevia I did use) it would have taken it up a notch. 

Dinner: Roasted brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon; wild rice; iced green tea
When I first started making (and loving!) brussels sprouts I used this recipe. Then I realized I don’t actually have to put cheese on everything to make it taste good, hehe. I fell in love with this Brussel Sprout Hash that I made on the stovetop, usually just for me for one meal, maybe an extra serving for another day. Now I don’t really follow a recipe, just throw some sprouts in with the pasta water or cook some on the stove, but I did look to this recipe tonight for dinner inspiration (minus the eggs).

Bedtime: Applesauce with cinnamon and walnuts
I’ve felt crappy most of the day – headache, congestion, cough. I’m not really sure what to do about it but I remembered I had some zinc lozenges so I’ve been sucking on those. Not sure what’s in ’em, but probably something I’m not supposed to have right now! I didn’t have much at dinner so I got pretty hungry around 8pm and wanted a little something. 

Here’s to a week of hanging in there!

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