Day 6. Or, I hate watching other people eat what I can’t have.

It’s been a long week and there have been times when I could feel myself wanting to search the cupboards for something good to eat… and by something good, I mean something with chocolate chips. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) I didn’t stock up on chocolate last time I went to the store because I knew this would happen! The eating itself has been going well and I’ve been enjoying the meals, for the most part, but when I get bored or anxious or upset I want something that’s not of the healthy variety. Why is that?

Gabriel has been sick the whole week. He had a fever for three days and still isn’t himself. I thought perhaps it was teething, considered allergies since I’ve had them, then wondered if we were both sick with a cold… *shrugs* I don’t know. We give him all sorts of food, perhaps one of them didn’t agree with him? Always a fun guessing game, trying to figure out what’s wrong with babies. He has his nine month appointment next week, so if he still isn’t back to his usual chipper self, perhaps the doc can shed some light. When he’s awake, I can’t get much done because he cries – inconsolable – till I pick him up. If he’s on the floor somewhere, he comes looking for me, pulling himself across the house, crying the whole way. I love him… but sometimes I need space! And time to make food…

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Salad
No specific recipe, just threw some ingredients together similar to the other salads I’ve been having this week – kale, lettuce (from our garden!), sprouts, avocado, apple, sunflower seeds, quinoa, vegan parm, and this dressing. Really good and filling, though I missed having some extra protein on top. I love adding quinoa to salads and have been curious about trying it for breakfast, like this Superfood Breakfast Bowl.

Snack: Pecan Nut Thins, cherries, iced green tea with stevia
I pretty much always get hungry in the afternoon, so I’ve been having a snack – sometimes with all the kids – around 3pm. If I don’t have a little snack I’m usually ravenous around dinnertime and feel rushed getting it on the table.

Dinner: Chicken Stir-Fry with Rice Noodles
I was really excited about this recipe. By the end of the week I’m running out of ingredients but I had a large red pepper and some broccoli, plus some rice vermicelli that I wanted to use for the noodles. I nixed the mushrooms since no one else in the family likes them and the only other major difference was that I used a DIY “soy” sauce since I’m not having soy right now. Well… I was hugely disappointed. Not much flavor. I ate it because it was there and I didn’t want to waste the ingredients but I didn’t really like it. I would love to try a similar idea, perhaps using wider noodles and tweaking the sauce.

Bedtime: Golden Milk
I enjoyed this hot almond-drink-with-turmeric recipe when I made it a couple days ago. It’s soothing and creamy without being too filling. Truthfully, I wanted something munchy because everyone else was having popcorn (and Phil had himself some nice, cold Mike’s) but settled for this instead.

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