Everything I AVO Wanted

Day 5. Or, it’s almost been a week, it’s almost been a week, it’s almost been a week…

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Quinoa Avocado and Apple Detox Salad with half a turkey burger
I chose this salad because it looked good and, after the other salads I’ve had the past few days, I just happened to have these ingredients on hand. Admittedly, I used a different dressing, and it was pretty good but I prefer the flavor combinations from the kale and beet salad (ironic, given my dislike for beets). It’s nice to have a variety but I also like to pare down my choices to a few favorites so I don’t overwhelm myself (or my grocery needs).

WILL McPHAIL makes some awesome cartoons…

Snack: Pecan Nut Thins with Vegan Mexican Cheese, lemon lime water with stevia, iced coffee with almond coconut milk and stevia
Who else likes to read containers while eating the contents? Anyone? Well, I’m reading the Nut Thins box when I see at the very end of the ingredient list: contains milk. *sigh* I studied the ingredients at the grocery store but didn’t even see that, arrrgh! Well, guess I’ll just chalk it up to “no one is perfect,” because it’s almost been a week.

Dinner: Leftover Southwestern Pork Soup with some steak pieces, topped with a dollop of Vegan Mexican Cheese, served with two gluten-free biscuits; iced green tea with stevia
Ah, I love leftovers! Phil gets most of them for his 24-hour shifts but every once in a while there are some for the rest of us. Good thing I added some extra meat because after a taste of some of the beans, Gabe wanted all of them. So far he’s got a varied palate! 

Bedtime: Protein “ice cream”
I miss dessert! Some days are harder than others and I’m totally an emotional eater. I found this recipe looking for some healthy snack ideas – some of them specifically bedtime snacks – and it was easy enough. Made a tiny bowl’s worth, and while it wasn’t real ice cream, it tasted alright. I used my chocolate protein powder, sunflower seed butter, and almond coconut milk, but I’m sure it would taste even better with peanut butter and a richer milk.

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