Kale Yeah!

Day 4. Or, don’t weigh yourself every day.

It’s actually day three of Gabe’s fever… maybe eating healthy is having a bad effect on him?! Perhaps my eating cake will make him feel better. There must be some scientific study backing this up.

Breakfast: Smoothie
2c liquid (coconut water + almond coconut milk) + 1 frozen greenish banana + frozen mixed berries + 1 scoop protein powder + cocoa + flaxseed meal + chia seeds + greens + stevia

Lunch: Detox Kale & Quinoa Salad with salmon
I am really enjoying kale salads. I just happened to buy a frilly kind of kale and it adds a nice texture. In the future I may make extra salad so I’m not making them from scratch every day, and kale is one of those greens that supposedly holds its own and doesn’t get all soggy. This salad (same as yesterday) calls for pickled beets, but I just happened to find this package of Love Beets on sale. They’re all prepped and there were four in the package, so I used two per salad.

Snack: Veggie Stix; handful of cherries; lime water
I usually buy lemons and limes as I need them for a recipe, perhaps two at a time. Sometimes I buy more and freeze them, like for salsa or the dinner recipe below. This week I bought a bag of each so I would have them fresh for recipes. I’ve been taking advantage of them for flavoring water, adding them with a packet of stevia.

Dinner: Butter Chicken with spinach and white rice
This is a family fave and I make it all the time. I don’t bother with the marinating, just cook the sauce together and add cooked chicken. I typically use coconut milk for the cream and this time around subbed ghee for the butter.

Bedtime: Golden Milk
I get really snack-y some nights and my tummy starts growling before I go to bed, and I know if I don’t eat something I’ll lie awake, hungry, or wake up famished. I’ve been googling and looking up ideas on Pinterest for healthy bedtime snacks, but figured I would re-visit an idea I’ve had pinned for a while now. There are lots of different recipes out there (with different names, one of them “turmeric tea”) and I just happened to use one with almond coconut milk. Pretty good… but I imagine it would be even yummier with full-fat coconut milk.

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