I Want Chocolate

Day 2. AKA This Is Going To Take Forever.

Today reminded me of the myriad other days that I just wanted to be over so I didn’t have to think about food anymore, that I could just go to bed knowing I made it through another day without “messing up.” I know when you’re eating healthy you’re supposed to focus on all the things you can have, rather than all the things you can’t… but man I wanted chocolate today! It doesn’t help that I always get hungry in the afternoon anyway, and it’s been a long day with a feverish, clingy baby and some rowdy olders… or that when we went to the library I started flipping through some cookbooks (gluten-free and paleo, mind you!) and seeing all these yummy treats. *sigh*

But it’s almost bedtime for the kids, hallelujah! Then I’ll settle down with aforementioned babe, a cup of tea, and some Netflix.

Breakfast: Smoothie
2c liquid (iced coffee, coconut milk, almond coconut milk), frozen banana, frozen cherries, cocoa  powder, flaxseed meal, chia seed, handful of greens, stevia

Lunch: The Mean Green Detox Salad with salmon
O. M. G. this salad was so good! Let me preface this by saying I’m not a huge salad fan, for a main meal anyway, but this one was so good and full of flavor. I was apprehensive about the grapefruit because, also not a fan, but it was so yummy. I could have this every day! I wasn’t crazy about the number of steps, but if you have some of it done ahead of time, it’s not so bad.

Snack: Sea Salt Veggie Stix and a few pieces of apple

Dinner: plain turkey burger sauteed in ghee and shallots, wild rice, greens and red cabbage with leftover carrot ginger dressing

Bedtime: Cinnamon “Detox” Tea

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