Pick Your Hard

Sometimes you need a good ol’ dose of Perspective.

Losing weight is HARD.
Being fat is HARD.
Pick your HARD.

I’m “picking my hard.” I’ve goofed off long enough with wheat and sugar and convenience foods and finding it utterly discouraging remaining at my current weight. The last time I did a sugar detox was just before I discovered I was pregnant with Shiloh. At the time I was somewhat excited and relieved that I was in a good place with food when I got pregnant, hoping it would set me up for less of a weight gain.

Dealing with the grief that followed, eating well was not high on the priority list. Time went on, life didn’t get any less busy, I got pregnant again and was pregnant for an ever-loving eternity, Gabriel came along, I was trying to do All The Things (and not very well, mind you), and convenience foods and sugary treats made quite an appearance in our every day diets. Now, I still cook many homemade meals from scratch… but pouring a bowl of cereal for breakfast, grabbing a granola bar, making PB&Js, cooking some boxed mac and cheese… to me, those are lifesavers! I feel like I spend so much of my time and energy already making lists, planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning, etc. that any time I can save is worth it.


Maybe not so worth it. The scale isn’t budging, the clothes that fit don’t fit well and it’s frustrating just getting dressed in the morning, I’m always tired, my skin is crap, I’m discouraged with my food choices, and I feel guilty for passing some of these things off onto my family. I keep telling myself I’m going to do something about it (again), but it seems so hard, almost impossible.

I already know what giving up feels like.
I want to see what happens if I don’t.

So yeah. This is day one. AGAIN. But you have to start somewhere, right? And I feel like putting this out there gives me a bit of accountability. I’m going back to the JJ Virgin Diet (although I am loathe to use the word “diet,” since I think these changes are geared towards making a lifestyle), though I’m not necessarily sticking to all tenets of the program. For instance, I can’t afford to buy all organic, all grass fed, etc. And I’m not necessarily going to stop eating three hours before bed… but I am going to implement the cycles of eliminating the seven potentially problematic foods for three weeks then slowly start to reintroduce them (in moderation). These seven foods are gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, peanuts, and sugar.

LOVE these motivational weight loss quotes from NotSalmon!

Without further ado, here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Smoothie
My basic blend is 2 cups of liquid (usually iced coffee and coconut almond milk), frozen [green] bananas, cocoa powder, flaxseed meal, chia seed, a handful of greens, stevia, and either frozen cherries/berries or peanut butter.

Lunch: Avocado Salad with Carrot-Ginger Dressing and salmon; iced tea (mix of green and black) with stevia
I will be trying some new salads and this one was pretty good. However, I found the red onion overpowering and can still taste it hours later! I added some red cabbage and a bit of salmon, which was really nice. Dressing needed some additional spices, but perhaps that’s because a) I added a bit too much water and b) I didn’t have miso and used sunflower seed butter. Kids loved the dressing with their veggies.

Snack: Pecan Nut-Thins and apple slices; iced tea
I’ve had various gluten-free, rice crackers before, and these caught my eye at the store. You don’t typically see pecan flour as an alternative and I love the flavor, so I decided to try them. So good! I could see using them for a meal with chicken or tuna salad and some veggies.

Dinner: Brown rice pasta with shrimp and broccoli in a ghee and lemon juice sauce topped with nutritional yeast sprinkles (similar to this recipe)
Gluten-free pasta is so much more expensive – arrrgh! One of my favorite brands is Tinkyada. There were some cheaper options but they all contained corn, which I’m trying to avoid.

Bedtime: “Detox” tea with decaf green tea, turmeric, ginger, and a bit of raw honey.

2 thoughts on “Pick Your Hard

  1. This is awesome! In the past few weeks, I’ve realized just how much *weight* I’ve gained and the excuses I’ve made from taking care of myself. Eesh. I’ve been wanting to figure out a healthy form of ‘dieting’ (a word I loathe, too!), and this seems awesome! I’ll definitely be following along on your journey.

  2. Baby steps. :) Hope you get some inspiration and encouragement… even if it’s just the realization that you’re fine the way you are because life is too short and too important to worry about eating salads every day – ha!

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