Gifts for coffee lovers

Let me start by saying: I’m not a coffee snob. I mean… coffee aficionado. I don’t mind store-bought, generic coffee – though I do appreciate the smooth, complex flavors of more expensive, artisanblends. I don’t need to start my day with coffee – though it’s a nice, cozy feeling to have a cup o’ joe in one of my favorite mugs. And I don’t have any fancy coffee equipment – just a simple coffee maker and a metal coffee scoop. I did get to witness the use and savor the fruits of a friend’s Nespresso machine – that was so good! A little bit of heaven right there, but one I can’t afford every day.

That being said, I like coffee. I buy coffee and coffee-related things. And I shop for coffee lovers. I will be going over a friend’s house for dinner soon, and I know she and her husband are avid coffee drinkers. I thought it would be neat to bring a coffee-themed hostess gift for them, and while I was making my list, thought it would be fun to track down some other gifts ideas to keep in mind for such occasions.

Coffee… a great place to start

You’d think this would be the easiest, but there are so many dang options! Whole bean, ground, single-brew cups, all in a plethora of roasts and flavors. I suppose this is where you have to know your audience and what they like.

The local shop that sells my handmade crafts also sells Jim’s Organic Coffee. I spotted a bag of Witches Brew and thought immediately of my mother-in-law, who may be getting some for Mother’s Day. If giving ground coffee, a nice stainless or wooden coffee scoop could be tied to the bag. Or how about one that doubles as a clip?

Flavored Coffee Syrups

Torani makes some of the more well-known coffee syrups, though I’ve also tried Monin and a few others. You can find them at grocery stores, though the selection tends to be wider in speciality stores. If you have a HomeGoods near you, they always have a large selection. I’m a big DIY-er, both for myself and when putting gifts together. Want to try your hand at making your own coffee syrups? DIY it.

Drip Over Coffee Maker

I honestly don’t see how this is different from a traditional coffee maker, but they are definitely more aesthetically-pleasing. A drip over coffee maker with a glass carafe looks elegant and timeless.

Cold Brew Coffee Kit

I only heard about cold brew coffee in the last couple years and it’s all the rage now. And for good reason! Cold brew coffee, in my opinion, is smooth and less bitter. I also understand it doesn’t have as much caffeine as the freshly-brewed stuff. When I make coffee in the morning, I make extra and refrigerate the leftovers for iced coffee, which I tend to like better anyway… so why not start with the cold brew method? Some of these kits look relatively simple – you could easily DIY it. I’m totally adding this to my wish list!

Mug or other drinking vessel

A gorgeous hand-crafted mug (hello, Etsy), something personalized for the one you love, a nice squat bowl you can hold in your hands, something small and dainty for espresso – to each her own. I’ve had my eye on one of these Luke’s Diner mugs. Classy, huh?

Mug rug

This is basically a little placemat dedicated to your mug. Aren’t these colorful collections from Going Home to Roost just lovely?

If you sew, this could be a super-cool project, lots of DIY tutorials out there.

Something to dunk or nibble

Let’s face it – it’s nice to snack and sip at the same time. A package of biscotti, fancy macarons, some scones or cinnamon rolls, they sky is the limit. Maybe something fresh from a local bakery – or homemade by you!

We could easily get carried away with fun little extras: fancy sugar-cubes, coffee-themed jewelry, coffee-scented candles, coffee-flavored candy and chocolate, t-shirts, you name it.

Wrap it up

You could throw everything in a gift bag or present it in useful packaging – like a reusable bag or storage basket. A linen-lined metal basket or burlap bag would be my first two choices.

Okay, I spent way too much looking at coffee stuff! This was fun, though. Just don’t drink too much caffeine before bed! I’ve done that before and the results aren’t pretty. You know what else has caffeine? Chocolate. We’ll save that for another time (and I’m sure the list will be much longer…).

“Before coffee, I’m a hot mess. After? I’m a wide awake hot mess. So there’s that.” – Nanea Hoffman