handmade baby things

I love showing off my handmade creations but haven’t done so in a while. Y’know, life ‘n’ all. For a while I was selling my things locally at a place called Tula Tinkers, but they recently closed up shop – much to my chagrin! I had a whole bunch of stock there and had just dropped off a slew of new wooden baby teethers. They incorporate wooden and silicone beads, some of them which I also used to make a teething necklace for myself when I was pregnant with Shiloh. My favorite are the hexagon beads!

I made one of these teething rings to go along with a black/white/grey-themed baby gift for my sister-in-law to give to one of her friends. Included are two bibs, a muslin blanket with mini pom pom edging, a teething ring, and a fabric nursing necklace (tutorials I used for pattern/inspiration: the bapron, button-up terry bib, pom pom swaddle blanket… and I can’t find the ones I used for the fabric necklace because the stupid browser button isn’t working on Pinterest).

For a while I’ve wanted to make some monkey butt baby pants or something similar, even pinning some patterns here and there. I finally decided to purchase the Monster Bunz – Luxe Fit pattern from Opulent Monsters on Etsy. I immediately whipped up a couple pairs using two old shirts of mine; love ’em and hope to make more.

I’m bummed I didn’t take pictures right after I made them, but for both Gwen and Josiah’s birthdays in November I made no-sew fleece pillows. Pictured is the one I made for Gwen. With the leftover fleece fabric (and some additional cotton pieces for the trim) I made a matching magic pillowcase. Still on the fleece wagon, I made Christmas Eve gifts for the kiddos. The girls got mermaid tails and I altered the pattern I used to make a shark tail for Josiah. They love them! Sometimes they’ll “wear” them while watching a movie; Josiah uses his as a sleeping bag in bed.

I’ve been so annoyed with the state of my measly craft area – a corner in the office where my sewing cupboard stands. I can’t really start a project and leave everything out because it would get in the way, so these days I’m not working on very much. I put away the “to-make” fabric stacks and folded up the sewing machine. But I’m never at a loss for ideas and inspiration! So much to make, so little time (and money).

*For those readers who are in the area, Mills Creek Natural Market in Charlestown sells my stuff!