Life Goes On

The kids and I are studying Ancient Greece. I’ve been using History Pockets and really like them; they take some of the guesswork out of which topics to cover with an outline and various activities. One of the activities for the “Language and Literature” section was discussing lyric poetry and writing your own poem.

Mind you, my older kids are nine and seven, not given to writing poetry! So I decided to write one along with them to show them how it might work. Gosh, I haven’t written a poem – even a simple one – in ages! We each chose an emotion, an idea that went along with the emotion, and wrote about the scenario. I chose “sad,” thinking about my babies growing up.

My babies are getting so big.
They grow more and more each day,
Having so much to learn, do, and say.
I shed a tear for time that flies, 
Watching each moment pass by.
I wish they would forever stay small,
But life goes on, and they grow tall.


By the way, those are Addy’s baby feet in the header. She’ll be four next month. How did that happen?!


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