God Blessed Us In 2016

Man, this mother-of-four thing is keeping me so busy! (pause) I want to say “mother-of-five” but it feels strange. In any case, there have been so many things I’ve wanted to share – homeschool stuff, sewing projects, my sister’s beautiful wedding in September, the joy of my now-3-month-old Rainbow Baby, the overwhelm and exhaustion of the Every Day, perhaps a delve into what it means to be an introvert dealing with all of this stuff. Buuuuut for now we’ll leave it at the family Christmas card. I simply cannot believe Christmas is upon us…

As I’ve done for the past couple years, I hemmed and hawed over spending the time and money on holiday cards. The idea of NOT sending them made me feel horrible though. I love the tradition, I love sending them and receiving them, but it’s just One More Project. I’m also fully aware that we can’t send cards to every single person we know and love… so if you didn’t get one in the mail, here y’go!

And here’s the little write-up we included along with the pictures (kept it short and sweet because initially I had created a postcard and it needed to fit!):

Phil: Still keeping busy with Quonset crash rescue, the local fire dept., & side jobs. Getting better at the violin, taking up hunting, & doing more with church ministry.
Karla: Head is miraculously still attached & kids miraculously still alive as she continues to keep house, homeschool, work her crafting magic to sell locally, & help her Big Bossy Sis with design projects.
Gwen: Spends her time reading, drawing, coloring, writing her own stories, brushing the snarls from her curly red hair, & twirling away at dance class.
JoJo: Could happily spend all his time with Legos, blocks, trucks, tractors, & dirt. Oh & playing chess and cribbage with Daddy after helping him in the yard.
Addy: Loves to dress up, bother her big sibs, & cause general mayhem.
Gabriel: This lil’ cutie arrived on September 8th. He continues to amaze & delight.

Side note: O Holy Night is my absolute favorite Christmas song – I get chills every time I hear it and sing it.

image credit: crosscards.com