Our Family Christmas Card

I didn’t want to do Christmas cards this year. In fact, there are a lot of things I felt like I either dropped or worked on without much enthusiasm. Between miscarrying Shiloh, losing Astrid, and all the aftershocks of these tumultuous events (heaped onto burdens that were already there to begin with), it’s been hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

Well, I hemmed and hawed over my decision and finally decided to make cards after all. I tried not to, I really did! Phil pointed out that we enjoy getting cards, hanging photos on our fridge or displaying them somewhere around the house, so it would be nice if we did something. There are some traditions and forms of social etiquette that I feel bound to observe, even if my heart isn’t in it 100%. Once I got the official go-ahead – Phil is the breadwinner, after all – I decided to order some cards through Shutterfly.

I didn’t get one of the fancier designs I liked – after all, remember, I wasn’t going to do anything! – and opted for a simple flat card that would display a few images of us throughout the year. I almost got a year-in-review card, with a photo for each month, but y’know… money.

It would be nice if we could send cards to every single person we know (and heck, while we’re wishing, pay off our mortgage and develop a dessert that tastes awesome and has zero calories and of course – world peace), but it just isn’t possible. I pared down my list this year, and if I didn’t get to send you one – so sorry! But I’m here to share the photos and the simple message we included.

The Crazy Curry Family

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to our Friends & Family!

This has been a year filled with blessings and joy, heartache and sorrow. The heaviest on our hearts has been the loss of our niece Astrid, stillborn a few weeks shy of her due date. This was a few months following the miscarriage of our own baby, whom we named Shiloh.

These sad times tend to overshadow the Good Stuff, but there has been an abundance of that as well. Phil was able to afford a new truck and has a steady stream of work; Karla has maintained sanity enough to continue homeschooling and keep up with selling her handmade goods; Gwen has gained confidence in dance class, has been in a couple recitals, and has begun reading independently; Josiah helps Daddy whenever he can and spends most of his time building with LEGOs; while Addy keeps us on our toes with her refusal to potty train but puts smiles on our faces with her dancing and snuggles and general Addy-ness.   

We are so thankful for our church family, having become members at a local church. We treasure the quality family time we’ve had throughout the year (Mystic Aquarium, Beavertail park, Deerfield Fair, walks, yard work, popcorn and movies, etc.) and look forward to special occasions, visits from family, camping trips and whatever else we can get.

FAITH makes all things possible,
HOPE makes all things work,
LOVE makes all things beautiful,
May you have all three this Christmas.


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