Poppy Seeds, Blueberries, and Figs

When I began the sugar detox in June, I had no idea what kind of journey it would take me on.  I felt a lot better while sticking to the basic guidelines, and even after the twenty-eight days were up, I continued with many of the same eating habits.

Life threw me a bit of a curve ball, however… well, a surprise more pleasant than that, but a surprise nonetheless.  I found out on Father’s Day that I’m expecting baby number four.  Yay!  I then realized how much weight I would not be losing, no matter how many foods I shunned.

When first trimester nausea and food aversions set in, it became very difficult to stick to my guns, and I began to compromise a bit here and there – some oyster crackers to tame my tummy, a bit of cheese on my rice pasta, granola bars to replace my morning smoothie that made me feel sick, a drizzle of honey on my pancakes.  Even now that I’m feeling better, letting these things back in the door has made it even easier to compromise in other areas. *sigh*  Why is food a constant battle for me?

In any case… I managed to lose a few pounds in early pregnancy, and at almost three months in, I’ve only just started gaining.  I consider that a win!

Even though this is my fourth pregnancy, some of the aspects never get old – seeing the first image of your baby on ultrasound, hearing his/her heartbeat, feeling movement.  It’s magical!  Then, of course, there are the things I don’t look forward to… but let’s not focus on those.

There are many different websites where you can track your pregnancy and see images of what each stage look like.  BabyCenter has some neat fruit and veggie comparisons – from a sesame seed at four weeks, a blueberry at seven, and – where I am now – a fig at the eleven-week mark.

fruits and veggies

credit: babycenter.com

I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling this baby grow into the beautiful blessing that he or she truly is.  And praying along the way for the healthy, sanity, and patience to deal with all of it.