Sugar Detox – day 18

Almost to the end of the twenty-one days, and I’m not really sure how I feel!  For the most part I feel better, but I do wish I saw more improvement in how my clothes fit.  I can get obsessed with the numbers on the scale so have made a specific point not to weigh myself, but I did a couple times and I think I may have lost a couple pounds.  I’m still not down to where I was at the end of the Virgin Diet, however… and I still have a long way to go after that.

I’m leaning towards adding back in some fruits (maybe berries, since they tend to be lower in sugar and high in antioxidants) and dark chocolate.  I think I’ll keep the sugar, dairy, and wheat out though and see if I continue to make progress.

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie

We had a whole bunch of green onions from our garden, and decided to chop them up and freeze portions in sandwich baggies, then nest those baggies in a gallon ziplock.  Well, those little baggies of green onions have come in handy for egg dishes.  Just dump the frozen green onions in the pan with some fat and sautee them before adding the other ingredients.

Salmon Scrambled Eggs (with the green onions! no cheese) drizzled with chipotle hot sauce – made the whole recipe, at half, will have the other half tomorrow; water

brown rice crackers; water

leftover Butter Chicken (made with ghee and coconut milk, just the sauce – not on top of rice) with a few slices of uncured hot dogs that I made for the kids; water

Had a late night last night so I’m finishing this up the next day.  Was really hungry when I returned home in the evening from an errand, but just sipped on water.  I’ve been trying really hard not to snack too much!

Have any of you heard of the plant/herb Rhodiola?  I’m not into supplements – I think they just create expensive pee! – but my sister was talking about them, and her esthetician highly recommends it, and I’ve been reading into it… curious.

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