Sugar Detox – day 17

Today was a long, tiring day for me, and I got really grumpy that I couldn’t just eat what I wanted.  At times like these, I wonder, is it really worth it, denying myself?  “Daddy I want an oompa loompa now!”  Sometimes I feel like that – I want what I want, and why can’t I just have it already?  But I know how awful I’d feel giving into that.

Any guesses?  Smoothie!

Cucumber and radish slices; brown rice crackers; 2 hard-boiled eggs; 4 slices deli meat (ham and turkey); water

Quinoa pasta with garlic and ghee; baked cod topped with mayo, flaxseed meal, cornmeal, dill, salt & pepper; water

Haven’t had it yet, but I have a feeling I’ll snack on some nuts or something…
*Update: yup, I had a handful of mixed nuts!

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