Sugar Detox – day 16

Today was a loooong day.  We deep-cleaned our fifth wheel camper in case visiting family members wanted to use it, but it needed to get done anyway before we even think about using it this year.  I’m so tired!  I still have to wash things and put them back in.  Feels good to get it done, though.  Except now I don’t feel like cleaning my house!

I was getting really hungry come lunchtime and almost made myself another smoothie so I didn’t have to cook anything or wash dishes. *sigh*  The downside of making two different meals: after I’ve made something for the kiddos and the hubs, I don’t always feel like making anything else.

banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie

brussels hash with bacon, onion, and avocado; water

brown rice crackers, sliced almonds; water

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken | credit:

Butter Chicken with rice.  I love this recipe, and have since made it mine.  I used ghee instead of butter and the biggest change I make is using a can of coconut milk instead of cream.  Topped mine with avocado.

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